WF-1042 best electric toothbrush for kids
WF-1042 best electric toothbrush for kids - 2018-05-23 00:03:25

kids electric toothbrush


It's necessary to help your kid have a healthy oral hygiene and develop a lifelong dental care habit as soon as they appear . Also it's important to brush your baby teeth after they birth although they do not have any tooth at that time. They are a lot of different kind of kids toothbrush at the market . Here we recommend our WF-1042 kids electric toothbrush with music for you. 

Babies do not understand why they should brush their teeth every days although we have been told them many many times the benefit from brushing. The best way to help your kids to develop brushing habit is looking it at a play. Our WF-1042 children's electric toothbrush have a good looking and the handle is small enough for kids to hold on. WF-1042 toothbrush brush head is round and small,is according to children's oral teeth structure. This toothbrush can suitable for kids above 3 years old. Round and small hands can 360 degrees wrapped teeth can fully clean your kids teeth, protect their young teeth and prevent the growth of oral bacteria.


WF-1042 children's electric toothbrush use America Depont Tynex soft bristle which is the best bristle. It won't damage the gum of your kids young teeth,protect your oral health and secure. 

Most importantly it will play nice melody when brushing teeth which can increasingly improve your kids postie of brushing making its more fun and interested. Having 2 mins brushing time reminder helps them have enough brushing time. 

 Low speed rotation: 5000 times/min efficient care of kids teeth. Children's toothbrush unique low-speed and low pressure frequency was design from baby's young gums and tender teeth. 

WF-1042 use Li-ion rechargeable battery and sensor charing. After fully charge, it can use about 2 weeks very conveniently to use it. Children's days is come, this one this best gift for your lovely baby.